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    56 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 1.2mil micron, Black, Coreless

    56 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 1.2mil micron, Black, Coreless

    Product Code: 200536LR1
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    Perforated roll for easy dispensing. Made from Formosaresins for reliability and consistency. Star-sealed bottom distributes weightevenly and creates a seal up to 8-times stronger than the film itself.Innovative clamshell box with E-Z identification eliminates confusion. ISOregistered facilities ensure superior quality and consistency.

    ·Top quality resins

    ·Clear liners are made from materials that areUSDA and FDA approved for food storage

    ·Linear low liners are recommended for sharperobjects under rough transport conditions, they have excellent resistance topunctures and tearing, these liners are furnished on convenient coreless rollsand feature leak-proof star seal

    ·High density liners are great for paper andnon-sharp objects under moderate transport conditions, they have excellentresistance to puncture and moderate resistance to tearing, great for costsavings