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    20-30 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 10 Micron, Natural, Corless

    20-30 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 10 Micron, Natural, Corless

    Product Code: 200515HC
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    Performance HD are based on High Density resins, the mostcost efficient film available in the market today. They perform on a levelequivalent to traditional gauges and microns. Performance HD liners are availableon convenient coreless rolls which simplifies inventory control and provideeasy portability. Performance HD liners feature innovative vacuum packaging.This makes them more freight efficient and generally reduces case cuberequirements. The clear plastic packaging reduces the possibility of casedamage due to crushing, dust and water, and makes the product more attractiveto food service users. It also makes the product color easy to identify.

    ·Performs at traditional gauges/microns

    ·Reduces case cube vs. traditional packaging

    ·Innovative packaging

    ·Consolidated number of skus; eliminatesduplication

    ·Confines odors

    ·Reduces the possibility of damage due tocrushing

    ·Not suitable for sharp or jagged objects