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23 Gallon Trash Can Liner, .95mil, Clear, Coreless

23 Gallon Trash Can Liner, .95mil, Clear, Coreless

Product Code: 200513LF
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When you need a high quality can liner that gives you aclear view of what’s inside, the solution is our Vu-Thru can liner. Theseliners increase trash visibility to prevent unwanted disposal and can also helpstop pilferage of items that could be concealed in opaque liners. They are greatfor foodservice and are made from materials that are USDA and FDA approved forfood storage. Don’t forget, these liners are also ideal for recycling due tothe ease of confirmation of contents.

• Topquality resins

• Maximumfilm strength

• Punctureand tear resistant

• Widerange of strengths and sizes

• Packedfor easy stacking and storage