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Green Scrub, Extra Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner With Pumice, Lemon-Lime FRAGRANCE.

Green Scrub, Extra Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner With Pumice, Lemon-Lime FRAGRANCE.

4 x 1 gal. case
Case Price: $23.60
Product Code: 105670
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Thoroughly cleanse your hands from tough soil with this Sock-It heavy-duty hand soap with pumice! This heavy-dutyformula combines a mineral oil-based solvent and pumice scrubbers to easilyremove tough, caked-on soil, grease, paint, automotive fluid, or otherhard-to-remove materials. Featuring a green color and pleasant lemon limescent, it also contains aloe and vitamin E to condition hands while washing andavoid over-drying. Perfect for automotive shops, construction sites,manufacturing or industrial plants, and printing businesses, this soap is agreat option to provide to your employees who are frequently washing theirhands throughout the work day.

This heavy-duty hand soap comes in a convenient flat topgallon container, which is perfect for keeping on-hand to refill your hand soappump bottles or for using with a compatible pump (sold separately). To use,apply to hands before wetting; once the soils loosens, add a small amount ofwater and continue to rub hands together. Once the soil is completely brokendown, rinse hands and wipe dry - removing tough soil can be as simple as that!In order to ensure safe use, this soap boasts less than 1% of VOCs. VOCs, orvolatile organic compounds, are found in organic materials such as cleaners,paints, and some air fresheners, and extended exposure to high levels of thesechemicals can have negative effects on your health. With an extremely low levelof VOCs in this hand soap, you can rely on it to keep your staff clean andhealthy with complete confidence!