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Pioneer Brite Sub Zero Freezer & Locker Cleaner

Pioneer Brite Sub Zero Freezer & Locker Cleaner

5 gallon pail
Product Code: 104005
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Proprietary Chemicals:
A fast-acting, highly efficient cleaner/degreaser, specially formulated for cleaning frozen food and cold storage areas where conventional products would freeze. Penetrates, dissolves and suspends dirt, grime, fats and grease while freezer equipment is still operating. Safe on cleaning concrete, quarry tile, ceramic and metal surfaces.

For use manually, apply liberally and agitate immediately with brush or scrubbing pad. Allow solution to sit for 5 minutes after agitation. Re-scrub and wipe with sponge or absorbent cloth. Adjust strength of solution for temperature protection needed as follows: intended for use on concentrate form. For use with automatic scrubbers, apply with squeegee up and scrub thoroughly. Allow solution to sit for 5 minutes. Scrub again with squeegee down.


100% Concentrate -45°F

80% (1:3) -29°F

65% (1:2) -8°F

50% (1:1) 7°F

36% (3:1) 18°F

18% (5:1) 25°F