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    Pioneer Brite Foam DG - Foaming Food Process Cleaner

    Pioneer Brite Foam DG - Foaming Food Process Cleaner

    2 x 2.5 gallon/cs
    Product Code: 103680
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    Wet, penetrating foam cleans deep, rinses easily, saves labor, and it's concentrated formula assures cost savings.

    Read all directions, cautions and MSDS prior to beginning work. Follow all safety equipment recommendations.

    Remove or cover all FOODS in areas to be cleaned.Rough clean and scrape gross deposits of waste matter, bone, oil, and fat or meat particles from surfaces to be cleaned. Remove hand tools and cutting boards for hand cleaning. Open all mixers and saws.For foam application, fill reservoir with full strength solution. For most cleaning, the proportioner on the reservoir should be set to 128:1 (1 oz. per gallon of water). For manual application, dilute product 64:1 (2oz. per gallon of water). Using hot water, apply foam liberally to surfaces, working from the bottom up.

    Allow “foam” to work for at least 5 minutes.

    Rinse surfaces thoroughly with warm potable water and allow to drain completely before reusing.