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“Pioneer Brite refinished our gym floors using their Sport One Floor System. They use a water based solution that not only leaves our gym floors shining, but only take 10 hours to complete. We are ready to play ball in just 24 hours.”

Catherine Chubb
Athletic Director
Hutchison School

“Pioneer Brite, not only supplies us with all our cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies for our six buildings, but manages our inventory which saves us time and money. They check our janitors’ closets weekly, restock our low quantities and bill us only for what we need. Great products, great service, great team players!”

Teresa Simmons
Commercial Advisors

“Pioneer Brite has schooled our janitorial staff on how to utilize their proprietary cleaning products, supplies and equipment to keep our schools clean and sanitized. Our floors and bathrooms have never looked better!

James McKinney
Director of School Operation, Kipp Charter Schools

“Pioneer Brite walks the walk not just talks the talk. They wanted to prove that they had a superior degreasing product versus the one we were using. They took a sample of ours versus their Formula One degreaser and ran a positive emulsion test that proved that using their product guarantees more dirt and grease goes down our drain versus remaining on the floor.
We were so shocked at the difference we asked them to repeat so we could video the test.”

TAG Truck Center
Memphis, TN.