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UHS BUFFER 20" 1000 RPM 1.5 HP AC THE AZTEC SOLUTION RETRIEVER, 36 GL Grand Prix Carpet Extractor
Grand Prix Carpet Extractor
Our Price: $2,199.00
Pioneer Brite High Speed Burnishers are super quiet, and remarkably easy to handle. They are the perfect choice for all areas where burnishing is needed. Pioneer Brite offers many different sizes and speeds for their burnishers so there is one to suit your specific needs.
Now you can retrieve that spent solution at a rate faster than an automatic. In fact, the Guzzler retrieves solution at a rate up to 25,000 square feet per hour. With a 36 gallon solution retrieval capacity, and a 30" squeegee path that doesn't create additional foaming. You can quickly realize the benefit of using the Guzzler as part of your floor maintenance solution. The Guzzler is just one of the components you'll find as part of the Aztec total "Stripping System".
The Grand Prix, transformed the automotive detailing industry. It was the first heated carpet extractor to feature a single power cord. Doesn’t sound like much? Before the Grand Prix™ using a pump, vacuum and heater required two power cords. This made it hard to find an appropriate power source. But with the engineering ingenuity at Pioneer Brite, this trailblazer changed all that. Or so the saying goes…the rest is history.