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    Carpet and Hard Floor Sweeper

    Kleen Sweep Carpet and Hard Floor Sweeper, Battery, Quick Pack Ccomplete

    Product Code: 240650
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    • 25” walk-behind carpet sweeper
    • Hopper capacity 1.06 cubic feet
    • Excellent performance on carpeted or hard floor areas
    • Ergonomically shaped, adjustable handle for ease-of-use
    • Easy serviceabilty with open access to components
    • 24 Volt battery powered
    • Dust filter is extremely efficient (99.97% @ 3 Microns)
    • Quiet operation at 63 decibels or less
    • One-button operation Battery: 24V 40Ah gel battery (4)Broom Material: Synthetic Charger: On-Board Dust Filter: 99.97% efficient at 3 microns Filter Material: Polyester Filter Removal: Tools Free Filter Shaker: Manual Flaps: Non-marking Hopper Capacity: 1.06 cubic feet Main Broom: 16 in Noise Level: 63dbSide Broom: 11 in