106187 - FORMULA FIVE, 55 gl. drum

106187 - FORMULA FIVE, 55 gl. drum

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Butyl based degreaser concentrate that is an excellent "catch up" cleaner that performs best when used regularly. This positive emulsion blend spontaneously emulsifies greasy soil to improve cleaning and prevents soil/dirt reposition. 

Works excellent as an industrial heavy duty maintenance cleaner – floors, walls, machinery, hoods, sumps, vent systems through mechanical cleaning devices and dip-tank applications.


Dilute Formula FIVE with water as follows:

Super Heavy soil – 1:1  (128 oz./gallon)

Heavy soil – 10:1 (13 oz./gallon)

Moderate soil – 12:1  (10 oz./gallon)

Remove loose soil and garbage. Divide floor into workable section. Apply to surface liberally while scrubbing. Allow to set/work.If heavy soil doublescrub. DO NOT ALLOW to dry. Pressure washer draw concentrate directly. Follow manufacturer’s directions according to soil levels.

106186 - 4x1 gallon