106164 - PIONEER BRITE Formula 66-DB/Auto / Truck / Tractor Concentrate Cleaner

  • $149.50


  • SPECIAL DETERGENT BLEND: Removes Extreme road film without heavy brushing.
  • SUPER CONCENTRATE: Blend offers maximum efficiency and performance.
  • EXCELLENT HARD WATER TOLERANCE: enhances cleaning and rinsing properties.
  • WILL NOT HARM: factory applied vehicle finishes when used as directed.
  • CUSTOM BLEND: Extreme cleaning, adjust by adding up to 2 more five gallon pack units.


Clean cool vehicles, hot vehicles may streak. Work with vehicle in shaded area, avoid direct sunlight. Divide vehicle into workable sections. Apply solution from the bottom up. Allow a few minutes to work, but DO NOT allow to dry on surface. Agitate with truck wash brush where necessary. Adjust high-pressure water to clean vehicle from bottom up. Rinse vehicle thoroughly from the top down. Overlap cleaning areas to prevent missed areas. Repeat for entire vehicle.


After Formula 66 solution is made up in good, clean 55 gallon plastic drum follow use directions below. Set dilution control on pressure washer (or manually):
10:1 Heavy soil
20:1 Normal soil
30:1 Light soil

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