105886 - PIONEER BRITE 10-1 Windo Kleen Glass & Surface Cleaner Concentrate, 6 x 1/2 gl.

105886 - PIONEER BRITE 10-1 Windo Kleen Glass & Surface Cleaner Concentrate, 6 x 1/2 gl.

  • $6.38

A highly concentrated glass cleaner for use on most any smooth, hard surface, such as glass windows, mirrors, counter tops, porcelain, formica, plastic, stainless steel, appliances, display cases, fixtures, etc. Quickly cuts through grime and film. No premature "dry-out". Produces a "brite" shine without streaks. Cleaned surfaces resist resoiling.

EXCELLENT FOR USE IN...... Supermarkets, schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, motels, restaurants, factories, churches, clinics, nursing homes, or where ever cleanliness is important.


  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FOR COST EFFECTIVENESS: one ½ gallon makes 5 gallons.
  • QUICKLY REMOVES SOILS: cuts thru grime and film on surfaces fast.
  • RESISTS RE-SOILING: cleaned surfaces.
  • FORMULATED: highly effective on glass, cleans most hard surfaces.


  • Dilute with 10 parts cold water with 1 part concentrate.
  • Apply with a fine mist sprayer.
  • Use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe and dry surface.
  • Streak and film free.

APPLICATION Using cold water dilute 10:1 to create a ready to use cleaner. Fill in standard bottle with fine mist trigger sprayer. Wet entire surface. Do not allow to dry. Wipe dry with clean, lint-free cloth.

SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                      DIRECTIONS

  • Appearance: clear blue liquid. - dilute with water as follows:
  • Odor: Light solvent odor.    Five Gallon–4.5 gallons water: ½ gl./conc
  • Density (lbs/gal): 7.60    One Gallon – 128oz.water: 12.8 oz/conc.
  • pH(conc.)(+5 @20oC): N/E                                                                           32oz.Btl. – 29oz.water: 3 oz./conc.
  • Rinse ability: Excellent, free rinsing. - Wet surface with spray.
  • Hard & Soft water tolerant                                     DO NOT ALLOW to dry.
  • Foam generation: low to none. - Wipe clean with lint-free cloth/paper.
  • Stability (40o – 120oF): stable    
  • Freeze/thaw stability: Ok, 3 cycles   

Shelf life (closed containers, 40o – 120oF): 1 year

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