104712 - PIONEER BRITE Freshen Up C-Melon Scent, 2x2.5 gl.

  • $149.90

FRESHEN UP is a concentrated odor neutralizer that is compatible with any cleaner/disinfectant, as well as water based floor strippers, and any carpet care cleaner system. It will safely neutralize problem odors including the inherent odors of many cleaners, i.e. ammonia, butyl cleaners, bleach, etc.

directions for uses: for mopping or cleaning: Add 1 oz. of freshen up per 1 gal. of cleaner/disinfectant solution. Sever malodors may require more. As an air freshener: add 1-2 oz. of frshen up with water per quart spray bottle or may be used undiluted. For carpet car: Pre test for color fastness. Add 1/2 oz of freshen up to 1 gal. of carpet cleaning solution. Compatible with all water soluble carpet chemicals including 5th generation cleaners.