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This third generation enzyme producing deodorizer contains a synergistic combination of several enzymes to digest the source of protein odors such as urine, feces, milk, blood, and more. The most effective pet urine odor counteractant. It is designed to be faster and more durable compared to conventional enzyme deodorants.

  • 1. For best results, apply an acid urine pretreatment (Spotter 601) and rinse or extract area thoroughly before solution application. Make sure pH on the carpet or fabric is neutral.
    2. Test all fabrics for colorfastness before using.
    3. Mix 1 part chemical with 2 parts warm (100-120 degrees F.) water in electric or pressure sprayer. Spray or pour liberally onto contaminated areas. Use mixed solution within 24 hours.
    4. Allow mixed chemical to dwell 20 minutes to 48 hours on contaminated surface. For best results, allow a minimum of 2 hours dwell time on surface. Do no allow chemical to dry out. Keep area moist by covering with plastic. Enzymes take time to digest the protein matter. Use water claw to extract subsurface treatment. Rinse carpet surface completely.

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